Kansas City Born.

Kansas City Bread.


Since 1993, Farm to Market Bread Co. has been baking quality, all natural bread in the heart of Kansas City. We are a family owned and locally operated bakery that delivers fresh bread to grocery stores and restaurants every day.

We use time-honored methods like maintaining starter cultures, using natural ingredients, long fermentation processes, hand forming, and baking in a hearth oven. Our recipes and techniques are influenced by the expertise of centuries of artisan bread bakers.

Farm to Market bread in Kansas City grocey stores
Farm to Market bread
Farm to Market Bread
You can find our fresh baked bread in the bakery department of most Kansas City grocery stores and on the menu of the finest restaurants.
We bake a variety of breads every day. Find out more about the products we currently offer in grocery stores.
We love living and baking in Kansas City. Learn about our daily donation program, work with local charities, and love of all things KC.
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