sliced bread

Sliced breads have a soft crust and are perfect for sandwiches and toast. Our sliced breads are never on the shelf for longer than two days. To maintain this freshness at home, we recommend that you keep the bag sealed tightly, store in a cool, dry place in your kitchen and eat (or freeze) within a few days of purchase.

100% whole wheat

A simple soft-crusted bread made with 100% whole wheat flour.

cinnamon raisin

Sweet egg dough with swirls of Korintje cinnamon and raisins. A perfect breakfast or dessert loaf. 

eight grain

A slightly lighter version of our Grains Galore, this bread is made with eight natural grains.

grains galore

A moist loaf completely loaded with whole grains, flax, oats, rye, sunflower, and millet seeds, and sweetened with a touch of honey.

grains galore half size

All the flavor and goodness of our Grains Galore, just in a smaller size.


A naturally leavened light rye bread flavored with Chernuska and Caraway seeds for zest.

san francisco sourdough

Our signature bread is made with a special starter culture maintained in the bakery since 1993. The dough ferments for 18 hours to develop a sour but balanced flavor.


A pantry staple, this simple soft-crusted loaf is perfect for any sandwich.

hearth bread

Baked in a hearth oven, these breads have a crispy crust and a soft interior. We deliver fresh hearth bread every morning and recommend that you eat the bread that day to best enjoy its flavor and texture. Hearth loaves freeze well, and can be brought back to their original texture by warming in a 350° oven for a few minutes after the bread has thawed.

asiago ciabatta

A traditional Italian dough flavored with rosemary and topped with Asiago cheese.

crisp ciabatta

An Italian loaf with a crisp crust and open crumb developed by a long fermentation process and limited handling of the dough.

french baguette

A loaf made from flour, water, and yeast, then shaped for the maximum amount of crust.

french farm

A country loaf fermented and raised following the French "pain au levain naturel" method. Baked to a flavorful and caramelized dark, thick crust.


A simple crusty Italian bread made with flour, water, salt, olive oil, and yeast.

rosemary olive oil

A hearth baked loaf flavored with fresh rosemary and olive oil.

san francisco sourdough

Our signature bread is made with a special starter culture maintained in the bakery since 1993. The dough ferments for 18 hours to develop a sour but balanced flavor. The hearth baked loaf  has a chewy texture and crisp crust.

other breads & SPecial orders

You will also find Braided Challah, Egg Buns and our current seasonal specialty bread on the shelves. Many stores carry other breads - like large miche loaves or English Muffins - in addition to our permanent retail offerings.

Contact us or reach out to the bakery department at your neighborhood grocery store to find out more about the Farm to Market Bread Co. products they carry. You can also inquire about special orders if the store doesn't carry the type of bread you are looking for.

If you are interested in using our bread in your restaurant,  please visit our wholesale page to learn more about our foodservice sales.

braided challah

Our only whole loaf not baked in the hearth oven, this soft bread has a pale yellow interior and braided shape, symbolic of the Jewish Sabbath. Available Thursday-Sunday.

We’re leaning into this heatwave and gri

A light, versatile bun used by Kansas City's top chefs. Our signature hamburger bun is made with eggs, canola oil, and only five other natural ingredients.

in-store bakery

Some stores participate in an in-store baking program. We train the bakers and deliver dough to be baked at the store. These stores carry a bigger variety of our breads and some specialty items.