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What is the shelf life of YOUR BREAD?

All of Farm to Market's products are made with natural ingredients. That means our breads contain no artificial preservatives and have an average shelf life of 4-5 days. Some of our breads, like Sourdough, French Farm, and Rye, are made using a natural fermentation process that naturally gives the bread a longer shelf life. Our yeasted breads like White, Wheat, Egg Buns, and Grains Galore do not go through this same fermentation process, so they tend to develop mold more quickly.

How should I store my bread?

For daily use, it's best to store your bread in a dark, dry place.

For our sliced bread...

If you don’t anticipate eating your sliced bread within a few days, we recommend freezing it to prevent it from molding. For best results, you should wrap the bread so that it is airtight or use a freezer bag. To thaw the bread, you can leave it on the counter overnight, or defrost it like you would any other food in a microwave or oven.

For our hearth bread...

Our hearth bread (packaged in paper bags) will become hard and stale rather quickly, so we suggest freezing them sooner than you would freeze our sliced bread. Wrap the bread so that it is airtight or use a freezer bag. To thaw the bread, you can leave it on the counter overnight, then place it in a 400ºF oven for 3-5 minutes. The oven will help to bring the crust back to its original crispy texture.


Twist tie colors correspond with our delivery days.


Red - Monday

Blue - Tuesday

Green - Wednesday

Orange - Thursday

Black - Friday

Yellow - Saturday

White - Sunday

Where Can I find Ingredient and Nutritional info?

You can find ingredient listings and nutritional information here.

If you don't see the product you're looking for, each out to our Food Safety department and we will be happy to help.

What allergens do you use?

We use wheat, eggs, milk, soy, tree nuts, and sesame in our facility. We take allergen control very seriously and have numerous procedures in place to prevent cross-contamination between products. If you have any specific questions related to allergens, please reach out to our Food Safety department and we will be happy to help.

What kind of flour do you use?

We primarily use wheat flour made from hard winter wheat. We also use rye flour, 100% whole wheat flour, and vital wheat gluten. All of the flours that we use are unbleached, unenriched, and unbromated.

Do you make gluten-free bread?

No, we don't make any gluten-free products at this time. In order to make any products that are gluten-free, we would need to have a separate production facility to limit any cross-contamination of wheat flour found in the air. At this time, that is not possible for us, but we do hope to be able to offer some GF options in the future. Thanks for understanding.

Are your breads Vegan?

Many of our products are vegan. You can find specific ingredient information here.

Are your Breads non-gmo or organic?

We do use many organic ingredients, but cannot claim our products as entirely organic. Genetically modified wheat is not commercially available, so all of our wheat is non-GMO. We pride ourselves on having clean ingredient labels. The base recipe for all of our products is: flour, water, yeast (or natural starter) and salt.

Are your breads kosher?

Yes, a majority of our products are kosher and will have a kosher symbol on the back of the packaging. Our Kosher products are all certified and our facility is regularly inspected for compliance by a local rabbi. Generally speaking, our non-kosher items are breads that include dairy (Asiago Ciabatta, Croissants, Egg Buns, English Muffins, Grissini, Cracker, Chile Cheese Sourdough). 

I can't find a specific product at my grocery store. How would I be able to buy that?

Each store has different offerings in varying quantities. Contact your store’s bakery manager for special orders or requests. We bake everything to order which requires a two-day lead time. Shatto Home Delivery carries many of our products that are not available in any stores like croissants that can be delivered directly to your door.

Can I visit the bakery to buy bread?

No, we are a wholesale bakery and do not have any direct-to-customer
sales other than Overland Park Farmers Market. You can find a list of our retail locations here.

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