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Farm to Market Bread Co.

5350 Speaker Road

Kansas City, KS 66106

As a wholesale-only bakery, we don't sell bread out of our location. Please visit one of our many grocery store partners to purchase our bread.

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telephone: 816-363-3198

Thanks for your message! We will get back to you shortly.


Photo by: Parker Anderson

management team

John Friend


816-363-3198 x 1004

Lindsay Pearce

VP of Sales & Marketing

816-363-3198 x 1003

Terry Euston

Sales Account Manager

816-363-3198 x 1012

Veronica Lang

Human Resources &

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

816-363-3198 x 1015

Tim Tilma

Production Manager

816-363-3198 x 1007

Esther Sparks

Packaging Manager

816-363-3198 x 1010

Rachel Budke

Food Safety and R&D Manager

816-363-3198 x 1009

Joe Strobl

Food Safety Compliance Manager


Mason Bur

Driver Manager

816-363-3198 x 1014

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