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t: 816-363-3198

address & locations

Farm to Market Bread Co.

100 E. 20th Street

Kansas City, MO 64108

[As a wholesale bakery, we don't sell bread out of our Crossroads location. Please visit one of our many grocery store partners to purchase our bread.]

Farm to Market Sandwich Co. in Parlor

1707 Locust St

Kansas City, MO 64108

management team

Mark Friend

Founder & President

816-363-3198 x 6

John Friend

Vice President

816-363-3198 x 4

Lori Buss


816-363-3198 x 2

Terry Euston

Sales Account Manager

816-363-3198 x 8

Ben Orth

Driver Manager


Syvenna Siebert

Director of Sales & Marketing

816-363-3198 x 3

Esther Sparks

Packaging Manager


Tim Tilma

Production Manager


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