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Farm to Market Bread Co.

5350 Speaker Road

Kansas City, KS 66106

As a wholesale-only bakery, we don't sell bread out of our location. Please visit one of our many grocery store partners to purchase our bread, or place an order online.

contact us


telephone: 816-363-3198

Thanks for your message! We will get back to you shortly.


Photo by: Parker Anderson

management team

John Friend


816-363-3198 x 1004

Lindsay Pearce

VP of Sales & Marketing

816-363-3198 x 1003

Terry Euston

Sales Account Manager

816-363-3198 x 1012

Veronica Lang

Human Resources &

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

816-363-3198 x 1015

Tim Tilma

Production Manager

816-363-3198 x 1007

Esther Sparks

Packaging Manager

816-363-3198 x 1010

Rachel Budke

Food Safety and R&D Manager

816-363-3198 x 1009

Joe Strobl

Food Safety Compliance Manager


Harley Ludwig

Driver Manager

816-363-3198 x 1014

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