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Our Story

While working at a commercial bakery in the '80s, our founders Mark Friend and Fred Spompinato developed a shared love of bread. Mark became enamored with the sourdough fermentation process, while Fred was partial to a grainy wheat loaf. They recognized a need in Kansas City for fresh bread baked from quality ingredients. In 1993, Farm to Market Bread Co. was born from that idea. Our founders were committed to quality and authenticity, and we bring that same commitment to every loaf we bake, every day.

In the early days, Farm to Market Bread Co. was run out of the back of a Westport restaurant. Mark and Fred traded bread for rent and delivered from the back of their cars. After a few years, they moved the bakery into a building in Waldo with room to grow and Mark became the sole owner of the company. Now in an even larger space in Kansas City, Kansas, Farm to Market Bread Co. is run by Mark and his son, John Friend.

Today, Farm to Market Bread Co. is the largest fresh bread bakery in the area. We employ 65 people that bake, pack and deliver fresh bread to 200 grocery stores and restaurants across the KC area every day. Given our history, you won't be surprised to learn that San Francisco Sourdough and Grains Galore are our most popular breads.

our baking philosophy

Our breads are aromatic, flavorful and fresh; and always made with the finest all-natural ingredients. The long fermentation process ensures a superior flavor and texture that is unlike anything else. We have always known the importance of quality and authenticity, so much so that we made it our company mission statement.


Proud of our Kansas City roots, Farm to Market Bread has been a leader in high-caliber artisan bread since 1993 when it began in the back of a Westport restaurant. Mark Friend, founder, and his son John, the next generation, know the importance of commitment to quality and authenticity. To help support those in our community who are in need, we donate bread to local food pantries and soup kitchens every single day. Our family-owned business truly is "Kansas City Born. Kansas City Bread."


Our bread is handcrafted by artisan bakers daily. We are proud of the fact that we never use artificial preservatives in our products. To experience the best flavor and texture, it's best to eat today's bread today. We always recommend re-heat your loaf in a 400ºF oven for 3 to 5 minutes. If you can't enjoy our bread at the peak of its goodness, it can be frozen for future use using the instructions found here.

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